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Pueblo Bonito in Chaco Canyon

Pueblo Bonito (Spanish for "beautiful city") is among the most well-known big houses in the world. This structure was built by the forefathers of Pueblos Oan, who inhabited it from 828 - 1126 AD. It is one of the most thoroughly investigated and celebrated cultural site in Mexico and the only one in The United States and Canada.Pueblo Bonito Chaco Canyon 0791200444088531107.jpg It was the center of the Khakian world, prepared and integrated in stages from 850 to 1150 A.D. by the ancestors of the Pueblo people. Throughout this duration, which archaeologists call the "Bonito phase," it was house to the biggest and most advanced of all the Pakooi groups residing in the Chacao Canyon. The majority of the spaces in Pueblo Bonito were interpreted as houses for extended households or clans. This enables archaeologists to explain that there were a a great deal of families, maybe as many as 10,000 people.

Farmington's Chaco Culture National Forest

The rise of the Chaco culture brought an increase of trade and products into the Chico Canyon and nearby locations. The canyon started to decay as a local center when the new buildings stopped and the impact on the Aztec ruins and other large homes moved. At the same time, individuals moved far from the canyon and transformed themselves in other locations, such as New Mexico, Arizona and New York City City. A current study discovered that a scarlet macaw, a vibrant parrot, was brought from Mesoamerica to Pueblo Bonito on a journey carried out by a member of the elite class of the Chaco Canyon culture, the Aztecs. It would have been a wonderful piece of luxury that would have helped figure out whether Chico Canyon belongs to the elite class or not. The Chaco Canyon was a pre-Columbian civilization that grew from the 9th to 12th century AD in the San Juan Basin in the American Southwest. The Chacoan civilization represented a group of ancient people called ancestral individuals in the face of the modern-day indigenous individuals of our southwest, whose lives are organized around the "individuals" (domestic communities). Research recommends that cocoa, the main active ingredient in chocolate, was also brought to Chico Canyon from Mesoamerica around 900 AD.

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