Essential Facts: Campbell, Florida

The average household size in Campbell, FL is 2.42 family membersThe average household size in Campbell, FL is 2.42 family members members, with 46.5% being the owner of their very own homes. The average home cost is $. For people renting, they pay out on average $1279 monthly. 31.5% of homes have dual incomes, and an average domestic income of $42738. Median income is $21410. 14.3% of citizens exist at or beneath the poverty line, and 44.5% are disabled. 15.6% of citizens are former members of the US military.

Campbell, FL is located in Osceola county, and has a community of 2323, and exists within the higher Orlando-Lakeland-Deltona, FL metropolitan region. The median age is 69, with 5.9% regarding the populace under 10 years old, 2.7% between 10-19 years old, 1.5% of inhabitants in their 20’s, 2.2% in their thirties, 8.3% in their 40’s, 13.3% in their 50’s, 20% in their 60’s, 14.5% in their 70’s, and 31.8% age 80 or older. 39.8% of citizens are male, 60.2% female. 41.7% of citizens are reported as married married, with 14.8% divorced and 19% never married. The % of men or women recognized as widowed is 24.5%.

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