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High Deserts, High Drama: Riddles Of The Anasazi

The canyon, now called the Chaco Culture National Historical Park, is home to the biggest maintained stone houses, petroglyphs and pictograms of the Anasazi culture in the United States. Today, however, it houses the Excellent Homes of Pueblo Bonito, among New Mexico's essential cultural websites. The large houses still exist today, as do the cultural developments described listed below, but they are just a little part of a much bigger and more complicated history. From around 1080 AD, something impressive taken place in the Mesa Verde region, which archaeologists had not yet completely understood, but which has actually been the focus of research for several years. We begin to see the beginnings of the Anasazi culture, focused in the Pueblo Bonito website in what is now northern New Mexico and slowly viewed as a center for the development of a large number of cultural sites in and around the Chaco Canyon. The large house was not an outdoor space, however a structure built on a hill, in the exact same design as the Pueblo Bonito website, however on a much bigger scale. The upper floor preserves the remains of cavities (volcanic tuff) carved into the stone walls of the house, along with a a great deal of stone tools and tools.High Deserts, High Drama: Riddles Anasazi 20623333287.jpg Today's Acoma Pueblo, called Sky City by some, is located on the west side of Chaco Canyon, about 30 miles south of the Punta Gorda River. A fountain from 1492 AD was constructed on a hill, in the very same design as the Anasazi Home, however on a much larger scale.

Chaco Canyon, New Mexico: Ancestral Puebloan Homeland

In northwestern New Mexico, a culture is fretted about how sacred sites are threatened by attacks on oil and gas production. Chaco Canyon is among the most important historical sites in the United States and includes prehistoric streets, neighborhoods, shrines and houses, including the ancient Chacao Pueblo, the biggest of its kind in North America. From 850 to 1250 AD, this magnificent "Chaco landscape" was home to countless Puleos, according to the National Park Service.

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