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Lidar And 3d Modeling Reveal Untold Stories Of Chaco Canyon

The School of Advanced Research Study (SAR) is happy to show you the next lecture of the Creative Thought Forum "New Technologies for the Future of Science, Innovation, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in the Planetary System. For several years, archaeologists assumed that the Chaco Canyon was primarily an ancient trading center. In this lecture we will explore the secret of the discovery of the dagger of the sun, discovered by Anna Sofaer, and the role of the solar and lunar cycles in the ancient history of this ancient city. The dagger was rediscovered in 2004 by Anna SoFAer as an astronomical website marking the solar lunar cycle with light patterns and spiral rock paintings. The builders of Chacoan utilized it as a symbol of the cosmic order that unifies solar and lunar cycles, sun, moon, stars, worlds and other heavenly bodies. Although the Chacoans did not leave a written text, their thoughts were protected in their works and their thoughts in their work. He works as a photojournalist and concentrates on the visual arts and the perspective that continues to this day.Chaco Canyon, New Mexico: Worth Protecting 560099429166.jpg

Chaco Canyon, New Mexico: Worth Protecting

The advancement of oil and gas is a significant threat to the Chaco landscape and to those who take care of it. The park becomes part of a much larger Pueblo Ancestral Civilization that goes back 2,000 years and as much as the present day. The country consists of extensive ruins and artifacts and is house to bees and a a great deal of archaeological sites. Recently, Chaco Canyon has experienced substantial oil and gas production that threatens the health and well-being of the park and surrounding communities. This has actually developed an ongoing threat to the park's cultural resources and threatens the long-term future of Chacao Canyon. The oil and gas industry has actually established in the region, and this advancement has actually marked the landscape with oil and gas wells and roadways that now cut through the Chaco countryside, in addition to trucks and heavy equipment that have ruined many ancient archaeological sites. Fires have drawn the attention of the U.S. Geological Survey and the National Forest Service to the degree to which they are affecting Chacao Canyon and its cultural resources.

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