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Downtown Chaco Canyon: Pueblo Bonito, Chetro Ketl And Pueblo Alto

Pueblo Bonito (Spanish for "beautiful city") is one of the most famous Chacoan houses in the Chaco Canyon area of Mexico, home to a few of the most well-known Chacos of the Chaco Canyon. D-shaped big home is so big that the location of Pueblo Bonito is somewhat smaller than that of Chetro Ketl. Although the spaces facing the square are predominantly one-storey, it increases to 4 floorings in the centre of the building.Downtown Chaco Canyon: Pueblo Bonito, Chetro Ketl Pueblo Alto 783190140877370.jpg Areas in a row are two or 3 storeys high, developing a roofing system terrace that extends from the plaza to the back spaces. The big house can be up to four storeys high in some areas on the north side, and up to 6 storeys on the south side of Chetro Ketl.

The People's Congress Starts Thinking about New Mexico's Chaco Canyon

People's Congress Starts Thinking New Mexico's Chaco Canyon 328686145198127.jpg Together, these archaeological and natural features developed a cultural landscape that connected the Pueblo and Navajo individuals to the Chaco Canyon. To this day, it and the surrounding area are a sacred location for the people of the southwest. In 2010, the Chaco Culture National Historical Park was established as a national monument to maintain and tell the story of what it is today, which is the biggest archaeological site of its kind in the United States. The park is secured by many outstanding structures and with an overall area of 1. 5 million square miles is among the biggest national monuments in the USA. For numerous native individuals, the limits of the park do not cover everything that is spiritually and culturally crucial, but for those whose cultures are little, the big adjoining cultural landscape is big. It contains lots of sites that have great spiritual and cultural value for contemporary native people. Navajo and other Native Americans who continue to reside in the countryside, raise their families and continue the animals and farming practices of their ancestors. Navajo individuals and support the families who raise them, along with other Native Americans who continue to live on this land.

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