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Life And Death Of One Of Chaco Canyon's Mystical Trees

The Chaco Canyon in northwestern New Mexico is house to an amazing number of Pueblo ancestral structures. Although the site is the most numerous in the San Juan Basin, it covers just a little part of the entire territory of the khakoic civilization. Historically, the area was occupied by the ancestors of Puebliks, much better called the Anasazi, and has been continuously studied for more than a century. Occupied from 850 to 1150 AD, Chaco appears to have been the center of khakoic civilization in the Four Corners region, now the San Juan Basin region in northwestern New Mexico. The area is now home to a number of historical sites along with a range of cultural websites. The most popular website, the Chaco Canyon, is among the most crucial historical sites in the 4 Corners region. Because of its unspoiled masonry architecture, it is popular to the Navajo group, who have lived there because at least the 15th century, as well as to lots of other tribes.

Fantastic Scientific Ruins From An Ancient World|The Sun Dagger

For many years, archaeologists presumed that Chaco Canyon was primarily an ancient trading center, but now that Anna Sofaer has actually found the Sun Dagger, we can explore the mysteries postured by the ancient structure and its role in the history of the Anasazi culture. The Chacan builders utilized it as a symbol of a cosmic order unified by a single star, the Sun, and a series of stars and spaceships, in addition to the Sun and Moon. Although the Chacoans left no written text, their thoughts stayed in their work, and when they studied rock art and petroglyphs on the hill, they were discovered in the 1990s. 3 sandstone pieces lean against the rock face, developing a shady area, and two spiral petroglyphs are carved into the top of among them. The Anasazi, who lived in the area between 500 and 1300 AD, were located in an area known as Chaco Canyon. The ancient Chacoans set up 3 big sandstone pieces at the top of the rock face, one in the center and 2 left and ideal. The light revealed here, referred to as the Chaco Sun Dagger, was likewise tracked to other sun and moon locations near the site and to a lunar location. There were as soon as such "sun" and "moon" areas, but they have since been overtaken by the sun.

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