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To Chaco Canyon

Chaco Culture Historical Park

Chaco Culture Historical Park 686109891795125594.jpg Chaco was characterized by the building of so-called "Terrific Houses," or Pueblo Bonito, or Fantastic Homes. The largest of them, the "Pueblos Bonitos," consisted of 6 hundred and fifty spaces, and its building and construction required making use of more than 2 million cubic feet of wood per square meter. The Chaco Anasazi developed a landscape that stretched from the straight line of the arrow to the Chaco Canyon, with arrows and straight lines, a technical wonder achieved without a compass, wheel or pack animal. A road linked the canyon with 150 other big houses, including the ruins of the Aztecs and the ruins of the salmon. The Chaco turned into one of the most important cultural centers of the United States and the world with a population of more than 1. 5 million individuals.

Analyzing The Anasazi Of Chaco Canyon: Pueblo Bonito

Around the Great Home of Chaco Canyon stretches the Pueblo Bonito, the largest of its kind in the United States and one of the world's. These structures were integrated in a landscape surrounded by spiritual mountains, mesas and shrines that still have a deep spiritual significance for their Indian descendants. The Pueblo Bonito was the biggest of the 3 significant settlements of the Pueblo group that lived in the Chaco Canyon throughout what archaeologists call the "Bonito Stage. " In the 1050s it was on the edge of becoming the most crucial settlement in the history of New Mexico and the U.S.A.. In the 10th century, throughout what archaeologists call the "Bonitos phase," more than 1,000 individuals lived here, the majority of them belonging to the United States.Analyzing Anasazi Chaco Canyon: Pueblo Bonito 43037152765.jpg Most of the rooms in the Pueblo Bonito were interpreted as houses for extended households and clans. This suggests to archaeologists that there was a a great deal of homes in addition to a large range of religious and cultural activities.

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