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Chaco Culture National Historic Park

An area of crucial environmental importance is an unique classification that the Workplace of Land Management can make for secured cultural worths. The office presently has a variety of designated secured locations in northwestern New Mexico, but none offers landscape security for the Chaco Canyon. The group contacts the Office of Land Management to react to its petition within 90 days and cancel its plans to lease the Chaco Canyon by January 22, 2014. The Park Service is developing a strategy to protect the Chacoan site as part of the National Historic Landmarks Program of the National Park System. As long as the Navajo Indians in the Southwest continue to respect and honor the website, it will be an important cultural resource for the Navajo country and the rest of New Mexico. The ancient peoples developed numerous big houses, kivas and pueblos, set down on peaks along a nine-mile stretch in a close-by drainage area. Although Chaco Canyon consists of a wide range of structures of extraordinary size in the region, the canyon is just a little piece within the vast, interconnected location that formed the "Chacoan" civilization. Found at the mouth of the San Juan River, north of Chacao Canyon, it is the just significant canyon in New Mexico and one of just small plots of arrive at the western edge of one or more of these large interconnected locations that make up the Chacoan Civilization, amounting to about 1,000 square miles. The biggest of them, which are used for the construction of large buildings such as the Great Home and the Kiva, exist on a smaller scale than the canyons. All the sites consisted of worldwide Heritage List are located in the San Juan Basin. Although they are most numerous there, they cover a vast array of places in other parts of New Mexico as well as in Colorado and Arizona. The management of World Heritage sites associated to the Chaco Canyon and Aztec ruins is tough due to their spread places and overlapping jurisdictions. Particular difficulties exist in dealing with the cultural landscape as opposed to discreet monoliths.

The Perpetual Secret Of Chaco Canyon

In the middle of ancient Anasazi - called Chaco Canyon - rises an enforcing natural structure called Fajada Butte. On a narrow rocky outcrop at the top of this mountain is a spiritual website of the indigenous people, which received the name "Sun Dagger" and exposed the changing seasons to the astronomers of the Anasazi thousands of years earlier. Although the gorge was deserted more than 700 years ago for unknown reasons, the tricks of the dagger stay hidden to just a couple of. It discreetly marked the course of the seasons for many centuries, however lasted only ten years before its discovery and was lost permanently.

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