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To Chaco Canyon

The Enduring Mystery Of Chaco Canyon

Enduring Mystery Chaco Canyon 584859269974580.jpg In the middle of ancient Anasazi - called Chaco Canyon - increases an imposing natural structure called Fajada Butte. On a narrow rocky outcrop at the top of this mountain is a spiritual site of the native individuals, which got the name "Sun Dagger" and revealed the shifting seasons to the astronomers of the Anasazi thousands of years ago. Although the canyon was abandoned more than 700 years ago for unknown factors, the tricks of the dagger remain covert to just a few. It discreetly marked the course of the seasons for many centuries, however lasted just ten years before its discovery and was lost permanently.

Chaco Canyon: Puebloan Mystery

The increase of the Chaco culture brought an increase of trade and items into the Chico Canyon and close-by locations. The canyon began to decay as a regional center when the new buildings stopped and the impact on the Aztec ruins and other large homes moved. At the same time, individuals moved away from the canyon and transformed themselves in other places, such as New Mexico, Arizona and New York City City. A recent study found that a scarlet macaw, a vibrant parrot, was brought from Mesoamerica to Pueblo Bonito on a journey carried out by a member of the elite class of the Chaco Canyon culture, the Aztecs.Chaco Canyon: Puebloan Mystery 892152325205937513.jpg It would have been a wonderful piece of high-end that would have helped determine whether Chico Canyon comes from the elite class or not. The Chaco Canyon was a pre-Columbian civilization that grew from the 9th to 12th century ADVERTISEMENT in the San Juan Basin in the American Southwest. The Chacoan civilization represented a group of ancient individuals called ancestral individuals in the face of the modern native individuals of our southwest, whose lives are organized around the "peoples" (property neighborhoods). Research recommends that cocoa, the primary ingredient in chocolate, was likewise given Chico Canyon from Mesoamerica around 900 AD.

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