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To Chaco Canyon

Chaco Culture Monolith and Historical Park

In northwestern New Mexico, a culture is fretted about how sacred sites are threatened by attacks on oil and gas production. Chaco Canyon is among the most crucial historical sites in the United States and includes prehistoric streets, communities, shrines and houses, including the ancient Chacao Pueblo, the largest of its kind in North America. From 850 to 1250 ADVERTISEMENT, this splendid "Chaco landscape" was house to countless Puleos, according to the National forest Service.

Ancient Pueblo Peoples - New World Encyclopedia

The Spanish word implies "town," derived from the name pueblo, which the Spanish explorers called the home - like houses they found in the early 17th century. It was an ancient Indian culture that concentrated on the Anasazi, a group of people in northern New Mexico including a couple of hundred to a hundred thousand people.Ancient Pueblo Peoples - New World Encyclopedia 28592071981.jpg The term is referred to by some as "Anasazis," although the term was not favoured by those who thought that the descendants of the cultural group were the indigenous peoples and not their descendants. It is unclear what the factor for the group is, but it is known that the Anasazis and the peoples share some of the very same religions.

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