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Chaco Historic Park: Save Anasazi Heritage

The development of oil and gas is a significant threat to the Chaco landscape and to those who take care of it. The park becomes part of a much bigger Pueblo Ancestral Civilization that goes back 2,000 years and as much as the present day. The country contains substantial ruins and artifacts and is house to bees and a large number of historical sites. Recently, Chaco Canyon has experienced substantial oil and gas production that endangers the health and wellness of the park and surrounding communities. This has actually created an ongoing danger to the park's cultural resources and threatens the long-lasting future of Chacao Canyon. The oil and gas industry has established in the region, and this development has actually marked the landscape with oil and gas wells and roads that now cut through the Chaco countryside, in addition to trucks and heavy devices that have actually ruined many ancient historical sites. Fires have actually drawn the attention of the U.S. Geological Study and the National Park Service to the degree to which they are impacting Chacao Canyon and its cultural resources.

Anasazi Astronomy Research

The discussion of this paper will focus on explaining the mechanics of the different arrangements, from the newly found moon aspect of Casa Rinconada to the lunar arrangement of Chaco Canyon. We will provide maps, images and surveying information recording the orientation and its relationship to the planetary system, along with using astrological tools by ancient human beings. This shows the presence of ancient individuals, which was not formerly suspected. The Solstice Project has actually studied and recorded the lunar cease-fire cycle, and research study by me and others has actually likewise shown that the Chaco Canyon, constructed ninety miles north of it, is related to a large "standstill" of the moon. An imposing natural structure called Fajada Butte, which rises above ancient Anasazi - called "Chaco Canyon" - has actually been rising for countless years from the top of a high hill in the middle of an ancient gorge. On a narrow promontory at the top of the mountain is a spiritual website of the Native Americans, called "The Sun Dagger," which exposed the shifting seasons to the astronomers of Anasazi countless years ago. Its secret remained hidden to only a few up until the canyon was deserted over 700 years ago for unidentified factors. It marked the course of each season discreetly for lots of centuries, however lasted only 10 years prior to its discovery and was lost forever. The loss of the Sun Dagger triggered the World Monuments Fund in 1996 to put Chaco Canyon, now known as the "Chaco Culture National Historic Park," on the list of the "most threatened monuments of Mon. " The canyon houses the largest collection of ancient archaeological sites in the United States today.Anasazi Astronomy Research 7790526809231217491.jpg Chaco Canyon and the more comprehensive Chacoan site boast an abundant variety of enormous architectural structures, according to continuous research studies by the University of California, San Diego School of Archaeology. The website's 9 big houses, the largest of which is 5 stories high and has one apartment or condo, could have accommodated as much as 10,000 people at a time, Sofaer presumed in his paper. In addition to the academic context of his findings, comprehensive references offer a summary of the history of astronomy at Chaco Canyon and other archaeological sites in the United States.

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